Protect your assets

In a world where resources are finite and we want to leave a livable earth for future generations, it is our duty to sustainably extend the life of our assets as much as possible. With our many years of experience in nano technology, we have come up with many solutions to reduce material wastage and improve traditional processes for people and the environment.

Stopping corrosion instead of hiding it

Every year, 5% of the metal used disappears due to corrosion. This problem was the starting point of our journey to develop products to protect ships, machines and structures worldwide. By getting to the root of the problem and using our corrosion passivator to create chemical bonds with the metal that eliminate oxide bonds, corrosion can be prevented for up to 15 years. As a supplement or replacement to traditional coatings, steel or other metal remains protected, even in salt water.

The energy transition starts with insulation

Unimaginable amounts of energy are lost worldwide at buildings and industrial facilities due to lack of, or insufficient insulation. With ProTherm, our direct-to-surface adhesive insulating coating, we can achieve comparable insulating values to traditional insulation with a fraction of the volume, thanks to nanotechnology. By combining various particles, we can also make ProTherm corrosion-resistant, anti-condensation, fire-resistant and acoustically insulating.

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Sustainability is in our DNA

For almost every problem, nature already has a solution and therefore the core of all our products is Bio Based. Sustainability is thus in the DNA of our products and helps us in our mission to reduce material waste worldwide.

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