16 August 2023

Top coating developed for Kolmer

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March 2023

Location project:

Bakker Repair Services


Kolmer Elektromotors


Kolmer Elektromotors


Kolmer topcoating, sealant


Dust free

Application method:

cloth / rubbing

Kolmer Electric Motors has been designing and manufacturing motors for many years. Specifically for Kolmer, we developed a top coating to protect electric motors.

Protective coating developed for Kolmer

Kolmer Top Coating keeps engines looking neat year after year.
It is a transparent coating that binds chemically into the surface.

The Kolmer Top Coating:

  • Resists corrosive influences
  • Is suitable for fresh and saltwater environments
  • Is resistant to abrasive conditions, such as at sea
  • Retains luster and color
  • And is dirt-resistant

Application Kolmer Top Coating

In addition to developing and producing the coating, nC occasionally performs assignments for Kolmer in the field. In March 2023, we treated a heavy electric motor with the Kolmer top coating. The engine will be located at a coastal oil terminal and could use the extra protection.

The top coat is easy to apply with a cloth. In 2 hours, the entire engine was protected.

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