16 August 2023

Thermal insulation of facade walls

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May 2020

Location project:

Gaarde, Rotterdam Hoogvliet, NL


Meerbouw Rotterdam B.V.


All gable walls inside


nC ProTherm - ISO-X


Walls were cleaned with ammonia, loose stucco or dust was vacuumed away

Application method:

Spray and smooth off

The house was built in 1938 and has no cavity walls. A major renovation was carried out by Meerbouw Rotterdam. To keep the exterior authentic and to lose as little space as possible on the inside, sprayable nC ProTherm – ISO-X thermal insulating coating was chosen for the insulation.

The requirements from the builder:

  • Insulation value Lambda 0.0222;
  • Extras such as acoustic insulation, anti-condensation and flame extinguishing are a plus;
  • Sprayable insulation with very long service life;
  • Insulation must be free of toxic substances and be noncombustible;
  • Insulation must be able to be finished smoothly;
  • Insulation must be able to provide a gap-tight finish around window frames and seams;
  • Insulation must be able to be installed quickly without interfering with existing construction;
  • Minimal disturbance to residents.

Benefits of applying nC ProTherm – ISO-X for the residents of the house on the Gaarde in Rotterdam Hoogvliet:

  • High insulation value with minimal loss of space;
  • Sound insulation;
  • Fire-resistant insulation;
  • Smooth finished surface;
  • Ability to easily make self repairs or reconstructions to the coating during future renovations or modifications to the rooms or to e home itself;
  • Very long life, on the inside of the house >50 years;
  • Cost-effective solution in terms of cost of material, labor and afterwork;
  • Green solution: Sustainable solution with low waste, no cutting waste, no wood consumption or plaster consumption;
  • Durable and sustainable solution: Very long life, no toxic materials, low product consumption.

This sprayable coating has a lambda value of 0.0222 at a layer thickness of 10mm. Also, this coating is vapor permeable and has a water absorption capacity of about 650cc per m². In addition, the coating provides acoustic insulation.

The house was built in 1938 and has no cavity walls.

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