16 August 2023

Protecting and sealing 900m2 of window surface

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April 2016

Location project:

NS Station Alkmaar, Netherlands




Windows and roof domes


nC Protect 4500 Glass Sealant


Clear window surfaces of adhesive residue, dirt and grease.

Application method:

Spray and polish

After installing the glass, it becomes apparent how important clean windows are in this pedestrian street. In order to achieve a neat appearance, the windows, including the skylights and the so-called domes, had to be stripped of all sealant residue, the windows had to be degreased, and also the moisture cloths behind the Trespa fascias had to be trimmed.

Then, to also maintain a neat appearance, the windows were treated with nC ProTect 4500 glass sealant. This sealant is protected from contamination, scratches, adhesion and condensation by spraying the glass and then rubbing out the sealant.

The requirements from the builder:

  • Achieve a permanently clean, groomed window surface;
  • Ability to glue/seal on coating without loss of adhesion;
  • Durability coating at least 5 years;
  • Minimizing maintenance.

Benefits of applying nC ProTect 4500 Glass Sealant for NS Station Alkmaar:

  • Makes surfaces water and grease repellent;
  • Optimizes a clean impression of the pedestrian street;
  • Optimizes light output from windows;
  • Minimizes cleaning costs;
  • Green Solution: Minimizes environmental impact caused by dirty wash water, soap use and packaging waste;
  • Green solution: Low consumption up to 100m² per liter;
  • Lifetime extension to 10 years possible.
Glass sealant train station

Maintaining optimum window light output is achieved with nC ProTect 4500, which has been verified to increase glass light transmission by 2%. As seen here, soiled glass allows less light through and detracts from the clean look of the station. This spot in the photo shows one of the many hard-to-reach windows. So washing windows is quite a job and can’t just be done above the track.

Protect glass with sealant

Even after a rain, the effect of the coating is clearly visible. Condensation is almost entirely absent.

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