16 August 2023

Protect back and front peaks

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February 2019

Location project:

Asto shipyard, Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands


Rederij Cement Tankvaart BV




Corrosion Passivator - Fluid


No prepwork needed

Application method:


The aft and for peaks of most of Rederij Cement Tankvaart’s cement tankers have been treated with nC Corrosion Passivator – Fluid. So too is the Lindengracht.

Benefits passivation Rederij Cement Tankvaart BV:

  • No blasting and corrosion removal saves weeks of work.
  • The absence of solvents create a safer work environment. Manholes or peaks can be opened and entered without risk.
  • No blasting waste saves huge costs.
  • Corrosion passivation at rust prone areas prevents recurring corrosion.
  • Yield per liter is much more favorable than traditional systems with primer and paint. The savings differ from 40% to 60%.

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