16 August 2023

Passivation and sealing of ventilation shafts

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April 2018 - Juli 2019

Location project:

Sembcorp Admiralty Yard, Singapore


Rederij Vroon, Netherlands


Shorthorn Express, Bison Express, Gelbray Express, Galloway Express & Hollstein Express


nC Corrosie Passivator Primer WET, nC Protect 4400 Surface Sealant


High pressure washing

Application method:

Rolling, curing time: 2 uur

The ventilation shafts of a total of 4 livestock carriers of shipping company Vroon were passivated with nC® Corrosion Passivator – Primer WET and then sealed with nC Protect – 4400 Sealant as an additional lock on the door against the highly corrosive ammonia vapors emanating from the excrement and urine of the livestock (cows, sheep, goats) transported on these vessels.

Benefits passivation Rederij Vroon:

  • Because application without grit blasting is possible, there was no dust formation on board and other work, such as engine repair and head overhaul, could be carried out simultaneously. This resulted in significant time savings.
  • Passivation can, does not have to, be applied to wet surfaces. Thus, work can always continue. In Southeast Asia in particular, this was a great advantage, in connection with the high humidity and ever-present chance of rain.
  • nC Corrosion Passivator is always paintable (except fluid), providing additional corrosion protection.
  • No blasting waste saves huge costs.
  • Rust-prone areas are passivated, preventing rust from returning.
  • Project time is shorter, compared to traditional systems. Savings of 45% to 65%.

Benefits of sealing Shipping Company Vroon:

  • Completely water and air tight, chemical resistant seal. The sealed areas will not re-rust or continue to rust.
  • Exterior paint on the shafts remains colorfast due to protection from UV and salt influence.
  • Exterior paint on the shafts, rotor blades and fanhouses is protected from abrasion and abrasive influences by the dust thrown up by animals, dirt repellent.

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