16 August 2023

Passivation and sealing of fresh water tanks

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July 16, 2021

Location project:

Namdock, Walvis Bay, Namibia


Fugro Marine Services, the Netherlands


Fugro Supporter


Corrosion Passivator Primer 2-in-1, CP Primer Fluid, nC Protect 4400


High pressure washing

Application method:

Rolling. Curing time: 4 hours

The surfaces of the 4 fresh water tanks of the Fugro Supporter were passivated by spot repair and sealed with a food grade sealant. In particular, the very short project time of 6 days was of great benefit.

Benefits passivation Fugro Marine Services:

  • No time wasted on blasting or corrosion removal. This saves weeks of work.
  • Passivation can be applied directly on wet surfaces. So right after the high pressure washing.
  • The lack of blasting waste, means that the fresh water tank does not need to be cleaned additionally.
  • Corrosion passivation at rust prone areas prevents recurring corrosion.
  • Product yield is much more cost effective than traditional fresh water tank coatings. The methodology of passivation and sealing provides enormous cost savings.

Benefits protective sealant Fugro Marine Services:

  • Sealing provides a completely water- and airtight, chemical-resistant seal. Regular fresh water tank coatings must be preheated before they can be sprayed. The nC system of passivation and sealing can be applied without heating the coatings. This saves time, costs and makes application easy.
  • The exterior paint on the tanks remains colorfast due to protection from the influence of added chemicals in the drinking water.
  • Exterior paint on the tanks is protected from dirt adhesion.
  • Very high yield per m², consumption approx 1 liter per 30m².

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