16 August 2023

Passivation and lubrication of new and used steel cables

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October 2011 to present

Location project:

Dordrecht, Netherlands


De Ruiter Staalkabels BV, Netherlands


Corrosion passivation and lubrication of both new and used steel wire ropes


Corrosion Passivator Steel Wire Rope Passivator & Lubricant



Application method:


De Ruiter Staalkabels BV’s non-galvanized/not galvanized steel cables must be lubricated and protected against corrosion. Together with De Ruiter Staalkabel/Usha Martin Europe a corrosion passivating and lubricating wire rope treatment has been developed which for years has found its way to various wire rope suppliers and users.

Benefits of passivation for De Ruiter Steel Cables:

  • nC Corrosion Passivator – Steel Wire Passivator & Lubricant can be applied to wet surfaces. This is operationally very advantageous with just-renewed steel wire. Passivation is always a metal treatment, but not always a coating.
  • Corrosion passivation diffuses down to the core of the steel wire. This ensures that the entire cable is protected. Corrosion Passivator – Steel Wire Passivator & Lubricant, is not hindered by old bitumen or grease present.
  • Spare steel wires, anchor wires, tether wires do not corrode.
  • Product can be applied without using high pressure. Application is possible by brushing or bathing.

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