16 August 2023

Corrosion passivation ballast tanks Schloss Oranienbaum

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October, 2020

Location project:

The Screw Sluiskil, Netherlands


GEFO Shipping Group


Schloss Oranienbaum


Corrosion Passivator - Fluid


Remove mud and loose rust

Application method:


In October 2020, we treated the ballast tanks of the Schloss Oranienburg with nC Corrosion Passivator – Fluid. Fluid can be applied quickly and effectively in ballast tanks by floating. The Fluid is a nanotechnology-based liquid with the function of stopping the corrosion process without sandblasting, coating or drying. It focuses on simplicity, speed and long-term effect in salt and fresh water. Metal thicknesses do not decrease further after treatment, corrosion already present under a paint or coating layer does not rust further

nC Corrosion Passivator spread over the tank

The consumption of the nC Corrosion Passivator – Fluid is 1 liter per 1 m³, but since there are many tubes and trusses present in this tank, we increased the ratio slightly. This ensures complete coverage of the entire surface of the tank.

Filling the tanks with water

Water is now being pumped from the canal into the tank. The passivator floats on the water. The active particles, which form an electron pair with the corroded steel (also corroded steel under the paint), are in the liquid (demineralized wool grease) and now spread over the tank surface in the smallest nooks and crannies.

Full coverage by floating

When the tanks are fully filled, we let the passivator react in the tank for about 10 minutes (may be longer) and then pump the tank again. The advantage of the Schloss Oranienbaum is that the ventilation shafts are actually all the way on the outside of the tanks, so no air bubble is ever trapped. This means that the tops of the tanks were completely hit by the passivator. The filling speed can also be adjusted.

Long-term protection against corrosion influences

The photo shows the forepeak, after pumping out the ballast water, with the passivator floating on top. All parts of the forepeak are hit by the passivator, resulting in 100% coverage. As can be seen in the photo, the tank is greasy. The fat disappears by withdrawal and evaporation.

There, that will last for a while

The ballast tanks of the Schloss Oranienburg are again long-term protected from corrosion influences such as heat, moisture and oxygen.

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