17 August 2023

Corrosion passivation and sealing of generators

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June 2022

Location project:

Zwijndrecht NL


Atlas Copco Rentals Netherlands




nC Corrosion Passivator Primer 2-in-1 & nC Protect 4400 Surface Sealant



Application method:

Brush & cloth

Rust developed in several areas of the generator sets. Atlas Copco asked nC to provide a long-term solution against the corrosion on the generators.

The images clearly show the corrosion formation. Similarly on the inner sides of the doors and the slats of the grilles. In total, we have about 15% of the total area to passivate per generator set.

Corrosion passivation & sealing

After consultation, nC arrives at the following system structure for optimal corrosion protection:

  • Layer A: nC Corrosion Passivator Primer 2-in-1
  • Layer B: nC Protect 4400 Hull sealant

Sealing seals the metal from oxygen, is scratch and sand resistant, and is completely transparent.

Long-term protection

The treatment will last between 4 to 10 years, depending on use, of course. The system resists salt and water, abrasive wear from rain/hail/sand, prevents galvanic corrosion by isolating the potential difference between metals. Furthermore, it is UV resistant and keeps colors fresh.

Detailed information about our solution for Atlas Copco

nC Corrosion Passivator Primer 2-in-1 passivates both new, blasted or corroded metal. Corrosion Passivator Primer stops and prevents the corrosion process. By forming electron pairs, particles enter into a chemical bond with the metal behind the corrosion. Application by spot repair (brush) for this job.

To seal, we then use nC Protect 4400 Hull Sealant. nC Protect 4400 Hull Sealant is a transparent coating for plastic, paint and metal. It binds chemically in the surface. Sealing seals the metal from oxygen, is scratch and sand resistant, and is completely transparent. Application by cloth / rubbing.

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