16 August 2023

Corrosion passivation and sealing of damp hold floor

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December 23, 2020

Location project:

EECV, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Bocimar, Belgium


Mineral Honshu


Corrosion Passivator - Primer WET, CP - Heavy Duty


High pressure washing

Application method:

Rolling. Curing time: 24 hours

The hold floors of the Mineral Honshu must be protected from corrosion. Hold floors of bulk carriers are rarely dry, and are free of cargo for only a short time. As a result, a traditional coating solution is not feasible: Too wet and too short a drying time. Corrosion passivation in combination with a fiber-reinforced epoxy offers the right solution here.

Benefits passivation Dita Projects/Bocimar:

  • No time wasted by grit blasting or corrosion removal. Remember that treating a hold floor must be done within very limited time. This is because the ship needs to sail or be loaded again quickly.
  • No time wasted drying the hold floors. Passivation can begin immediately after cleaning.
  • Grit blasting is not necessary, which eliminates blasting waste and thus saves costs.
  • Yield of nC Corrosion Passivator Primer is between 12 / 15 m2 per liter. This is much more beneficial than traditional system with primer and paint.

Benefits sealing for Dita Project/Bocimar:

  • Fast curing of the system
  • Sealing makes water and airtight and is chemical resistant. The sealed spots will not rust again.
  • Very high yield per m², consumption approx 1 liter per 30m².
  • Highly abrasion resistant.

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