nC ProTherm


nC ProTherm dB-X is a sprayable thermal and acoustic insulating coating for interior and exterior surfaces, including wood and glass. It adheres chemically through a sol-gel process on the surface and is free of solvents.

dB-X can be applied in a single layer of 3 mm to 12 mm WFT. Life cycle up to 25 years, depending on environmental factors.

Key features

  • Acoustically insulating coating.
  • Thermal insulating coating.
  • Breathable, does not form a damp screen.

Technical Details

Suitable for

All surfaces, including glass and wood.
Indoor and outdoor performance requirements.
Corroded surfaces.


Remove dirt, grease, loose paint or corrosion.

Application method

Spray, brush or putty knife.

Layer thickness

3 mm to 12 mm Dry Film Thickness (DFT).


Low consumption 350gr per m2 per mm Dry Film Thickness (DFT).

Drying time

Allow surface to rest for 12 hours before repainting.

Lambda value


RAL color

Standard color RAL 9010, for orders over 150 kg any RAL color is possible.


15 to 25 years.


Store between 5°C and 25°C.
Store for up to 12 months in tightly closed containers.

Fire class

Buildings D-S2-d0.


Product Information Sheet (PDS)

Acoustic damping and thermal insulation

nC ProTherm dB-X is an acoustic insulation made for containing sound transmission from one room to another.

Fast single layer application

Because nC ProTherm dB-X can be applied in one layer, a lot of time can be saved.

Suitable for application on metal, plastic, brick, concrete and wood

Adheres chemically and remains flexible, preventing cracks from forming during its service life.


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