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Protective sealants

nC Protect

4100 Electra Sealant

nC Protect 4100 Electra Sealant is a spray that insulates all electronics against short circuits, corrosion and influences of chemicals and water.

4200 Textile & Fabric Sealant

nC Protect 4200 makes synthetic fabrics and fabrics, oil, water and dirt repellent. Fully transparent.

4300 Wood & Stone Sealant

nC Protect 4300 makes wood & stone, oil, water and dirt repellent. Fully transparent.

4400 Hull Sealant

nC Protect 4400 Hull Sealant is a transparent coating for plastic, paint and metal. It chemically binds into the surface and makes it scratch resistant, dirt repellent and restores color.

4500 Glass Sealant

nC Protect 4500 Glass Sealant is a sprayable liquid for protection of glass and ceramics. Makes dirt repellent and hydrophobic. At least 12 months of protection.

4600 Pipe & Tank Food Grade Sealant

nC Protect 4600 P&T Foodgrade is a transparent nanotechnical sealant for metals, precious metals, aluminum and stainless steel. Operates between -50 – 630 ⁰C.

4700 Stainless Steel Sealant

nC Protect 4700 Stainless Steel Sealant is a transparent sealant that protects against wear, dirt absorption and dullness. Layer thickness less than 25 μm.

4800 Lacquered Surfaces Sealant

nC Protect 4800 Spray Paint Sealant is a transparent, water-repellent sealant that protects painted surfaces from staining. The sealant brings back the original shine.

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