nC Protect

4400 Surface Sealant

nC Protect 4400 surface sealant

nC Protect 4400 Surface Sealant is a transparent liquid based on sol-gel nanotechnology. Permanently protects against wear, absorption and contamination. It restores limed and bleached colors and is UV resistant. Suitable for all materials including polyester, UHMWPE (Dyneema, Spectra), (U)HDPE, PMMA, kevlar, metals and natural stone.

The liquid chemically adheres to materials. It forms a matrix in the material. nC Protect 4400 becomes a permanent highly flexible ultra-thin, glass-like finish and protection against dirt. This makes this finish great for protecting against negative chemical and environmental influences. Ready to use for application with sponge, roller, cloth, HVLP or ESS. Food Grade certified.

Key features

  • Restored faded colors
  • Resistant to temperatures -50 °C to +730 °C
  • Contains no metals

Technical Details

Suitable for

All surfaces including HDPE, natural stone, glass, metal
Glazed tiles
Dusty areas, humid areas, areas


Clean the surface of dirt, grease, poorly adhering materials.

Application method

Cloth, roller, sponge, air gun or electrostatic spray gun.


30 to 60m² per liter

Drying time

1 to 24 hours depending on short heating or not.
Full strength after 3 to 5 days.

RAL color



5 to 10 years.


Store between 5°C and 25°C.
Store for up to 24 months in tightly closed containers.


Product Information Sheet (PDS)

nC Corrosion Passivator Brochure_English

Easy single layer application

nC ProTect 4400 Sealant is easy to apply with a microfiber cloth.

Sealant with very long service life

nC ProTect 4400 Sealant protects for up to 10 years.

Protection and color restoration

A solution to common problems for surfaces under the influence of negative chemical and environmental influences.


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