Corrosion Passivator

Steel Wire Passivator & Lubrication

nC Steel Wire Passivator & Lubrication is a metal treatment fluid that passivates and lubricates both new and used steel wires. It is specifically designed to treat hard-to-reach areas.

By forming electron pairs, boron particles enter into a chemical bond with the metal, even behind the corrosion. This creates a permanent super-smooth, anti-corrosive layer. Suitable for application on wet surfaces.

Important product features

  • Can be applied to wet and dry cables, very fast application time.
  • Forms very smooth surface.
  • Very high penetration to the core.

Technical Information

Suitable for

New or corroded steel cables.
Extremely hot surfaces.
Surfaces that endure heavy chemical exposure.


Remove mud and loose rust or paint.
Sanding or blasting not necessary.

Application method

Roller, brush, spray or baths.


Low consumption of 2% fluid of cable weight.

Drying time

Quickly dry, after 4 hours the cable can go back into the water.
Avoid contact with chemicals or soaps for the first 24 hours.


Storage between 0°C and 40°C.
Storage for up to 15 years in well-sealed


Usha Martin salt spray test: 4350 hours of no pit corrosion.
Proton Volvo test: 8 weeks no pitting.


Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Brochure Corrosion Passivator

nC Corrosion Passivator Brochure_English

Both lubricant and passivator

The treatment provides a smooth protective layer that prevents abrasion.

Also suitable for damp cables

This also allows wet steel wire to be treated directly.

Strong chemical adhesion

nC Steel Wire Passivator chemically bonds with the steel wire giving up to 5 years of protection.


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