Corrosion Passivator


nC Corrosion Passivator Fluid is a metal treatment fluid that passivates both new and corroded metal. It is applied by roller/brush/spray or by floating. It is specifically designed to treat hard-to-reach areas.

Stops and prevents the corrosion process by forming electron pairs, particles enter into a chemical bond with the metal behind the corrosion. Remains active for up to 15 years in fresh water and 5 to 8 years in salt water.

Important product features

  • Can be applied by floating, highly
    fast application time
  • Sanding or blasting not necessary
  • Long life span between 5 – 15 years

Technical Information

Suitable for

Corroded or water blasted metal.
Enclosed spaces as peaks, bollards, ballast
Water tanks, cofferdams, pipelines.


Remove mud and loose rust or paint.
Sanding or blasting not necessary.

Application method


Layer thickness (WFT)

500 micron


Low consumption of 1l per m3, or 1l per 7m2

Drying time

Fast drying, ready for use after 4 hours. Fluid has wool grease as a carrier. The carrier dries out in weeks/months.
Avoid contact with chemicals or soaps for the first 24 hours.




Remains active in fresh water for up to 15 years.
Remains active in salt water for 5 to 8 years.


Storage between 0°C and 50°C
Up to 15 years in well sealed


Adhesion DIN EN ISO 2409: Diamond test 0.
Salt spray test DIN EN ISO 9227: No rust.
VDA exchange test 621-415: After 2000 hours defects to applied alloy.


Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Brochure Corrosion Passivator

nC Corrosion Passivator Brochure_English

Reaches inaccessible spaces

100% coverage can be achieved in beams, spikes, ballast tanks, etc. because Fluid can be applied by floating, in addition to ordinary brushing, rolling or spraying.

No blasting or sanding required

Designed to passivate heavy corrosion and remove loose rust without the need for sandblasting or jetting. This saves time, money and hassle with disposal of waste.

Sustainable solution

The carrier based on demineralized wool grease leaves no trace in the water. It is solvent free and non-toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic and does not build up gases in confined spaces.

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