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Corrosion Passivation

nC Corrosion Passivator


Direct-Over-Rust corrosion passivator suitable for floating, brush or spray applications in tanks, booms, voids, hollow structures and rudders. Solvent-free.


Direct-Over-Rust corrosion and metal passivator. Stops corrosion and is excellent as a substrate for traditional systems. Solvent-free.

Undercoat 21

Direct-Over-Rust film forming corrosion and metal passivator. Undermines corrosion with extreme creep properties. Application by floating, rolling or spraying.

Zinc Primer C5

Zinc Primer forms an impenetrable active galvanic anti-corrosion layer that remains effective even when scratches occur in the treated surface. Very fast drying.

High Temperature Primer (HTP)

Stops and prevents corrosion with zinc anodic sol-gel technology. Withstands temperatures up to 460°C. Also resistant to electric welding. Very fast drying.

Cold Alloy (CA)

A nanotechnology that replaces galvanization or zinc processes through cold alloy. It converts top layer to passivated metal. Withstands temperatures up to 1300°C. Very fast drying.

Heavy Duty (ZB)

Fiber reinforced epoxy technology that provides superior resistance in the harshest conditions such as impact from falling rock and sliding containers. Extremely corrosion resistant.

Chemical Resistance (HCR)

Siloxane Epoxy technology that combines superior chemical resistance with abrasion resistance against harsh chemicals. Contains no solvents.

Steel Wire Passivator

Passivates and lubricates new and used steel wire with lasting smooth protection. Penetrates to the core. Also suitable for wet surface. Not harmful to the environment.

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