Sprayable insulating coating

Next generation thermal and fireproof insulation

With the new generation of thermal insulating fillers from nature, we achieve remarkably high insulation values with only a layer thickness of 3 to 15 mm, providing space-saving benefits for our customers.”

Solutions we provide for our clients:


ProTherm offers an energy-saving solution by insulating pipes on maritime vessels and industrial sites in the most challenging conditions. Our sprayable insulation ensures fast application, prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) and facilitates visual pipe inspection and quick repairs.


Insulating tanks is important for enhancing energy efficiency and providing necessary fire protection. With our sprayable insulation this can be achieved with minimum layer thickness and without casing, saving valuable time and space.

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Fire protection

Our sprayable ProTherm Fireproof system safeguards steel structures from fire, guarantees fast and efficient application and effectively prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI).

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Industrial ovens and furnaces

Industrial ovens operate at high temperatures, leading to considerable energy consumption and high surface temperatures. Our sprayable thermal insulation enables insulation of surfaces up to 1300 ┬░C, resulting in considerable energy savings while creating safe-to-touch surfaces for worker protection.


Next generation thermal insulation

Through the integration of our surface technology with a new generation thermal insulating materials from nature, we have developed a cutting-edge insulation solution that delivers comparable insulation values to traditional methods but with a remarkable 90% reduction in material thickness.

Sprayable insulation with offshore standards

Our sprayable thermal insulation coating enables energy savings even in the most challenging environments. With ProTherm systems, high temperatures, offshore conditions, and chemical loads pose no issue.

Because casing is not required, you can swiftly identify, address, and repair pipework failure. This ensures quick and easy repairs, leading to reduced maintenance costs and minimal downtime.

Sprayable insulation

ProTherm’s direct spray application makes it a fast and effective solution, saving you valuable time and costs.

Chemical bonding to any surface

ProTherm establishes a chemical bond with any surface, effectively preventing corrosion under insulation and extending the steel’s lifetime by up to 40%.

Extremely high insulation value

By integrating thermally insulating materials from nature into our coating, we achieve remarkably high insulation values with a thin layer ranging from 3 to 15 mm, providing space-saving benefits for our clients.


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