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Protective sealants

nC Protective sealants

nC Protect is our line of wafer-thin coatings that protects and enhances metal, paint, glass, dust and plastic. Depending on the material and requirements, our nC Protect coatings provide wear resistance-, dirt-repellent-, anti-corrosion and/or color and luster restoring properties. nC Protect offers excellent chemical adhesion and performance on virtually any material. Each variant is made for a specific task and/or material. Our coatings continue to perform for many years, even decades, on surfaces and materials of your choice. Read more about the practical applications of nC Protect in the maritime sector and see our recent projects.


See the various applications of nC Protect protective coatings in the marine industry:

Lacquer & coating

Paint protects material, but what protects the paint? nC has developed several sealants for protecting and sealing marine and boat paint from drying out, loss of gloss, UV and scratches. It is also very possible to restore faded or chalked colors to their former state, without having to re-prime and varnish the whole thing. See the project below for more information.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4400/4700/4800. View products.
PROJECTS: Fugro – Topcoat with nC protect.

Fresh Water Tank

The nC approach to making and keeping fresh water tanks rust free is smooth and very effective. This is done by passivation and then sealing of the passivated surface with nC Protect food grade sealant. Short preparation time, fast drying time, long life and above all a green solution. See the project below for more information.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4600. View product.


This coating forms a protective layer on and in the glass, making the windows completely water and dirt repellent. Salt, lime and dirt such as bird droppings and insects do not adhere and are therefore easy to remove. It’s very easy to keep your windows clean and stripe-free, a must in the wheelhouse. Read more about glass protective coating in the project below.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4500. View product.


Welds are often the starting point of corrosion. By passivating and sealing the welds with nC Protect 4400 you prevent corrosion for a long time. The protective coating can be easily applied by spraying, rolling or rubbing. If you apply a sealant over the weld as a final layer, moisture, oxygen and chemical influences no longer have a chance. See our project below for more information.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4400/4600. View products.

Stainless steal

nC Protect 4700 is designed to protect stainless steel. This sealant binds chemically into the surface and therefore remains active for a very long time. The coating is transparent and protects against moisture, detergent, light wear and dirt. This seal prevents stainless steel from turning dull over time. See the project below for more information.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4700. View product.


You can prevent algae, moss, frost damage, mold and rot with nC Protect 4300. The nC Protect sealing coatings are made for the very long term and, due to their fully transparent nature, provide invisible protection that significantly extends the life of your precious wood. Suitable for both treated and untreated wood. Read more in the project reports.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4300. View product.


nC Protect 4600 FG Sealant P&T is a transparent coating developed to protect materials from wear, absorption, corrosion and contamination. The surface develops a highly flexible ultra-thin, impervious, glossy finish. This makes the surface dirt-resistant and very easy to clean. Food grade and therefore suitable for galley protection and food storage.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4600. View product.

Anti-fouling coating

nC Protect 5000 is a transparent coating developed to prevent fouling on the underwater hull. The coating can be easily applied and is effective in both fresh and salt water. The fouling can barely adhere and therefore releases while sailing. See the project description to learn more about the product.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4900. View product.


Protecting textiles and fabrics from moisture penetration by making them moisture repellent has a number of logical advantages for shipping. Water-repellent workwear, for example, makes you less likely to get wet in the rain, while the clothing remains breathable. Oil or grease do not immediately stain because they cannot penetrate. Less washing means less wear and less dirty water in the tank.

PRODUCTS: nC Protect 4200. View product.

nC Protect protective coatings

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Color Restoration
Simple 1-layer application
Lifetime up to 10 years

Glass protective sealant
Dirt and water repellent
Years of protection

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Protective sealants

nC Protect

4400 Sealant

nC Protect 4400 Sealant is a transparent coating for all surfaces. It chemically binds into the surface and makes it scratch resistant, dirt repellent and restores color. Food Grade certified.

nC Protect 4400 surface sealant

4500 Glass Sealant

nC Protect 4500 Glass Sealant is a sprayable liquid for protection of glass and ceramics. Makes dirt repellent and hydrophobic. At least 12 months of protection.