Corrosion Passivator

Stops corrosion without blasting or sanding

Corrosion Passivator works like galvanizing: preventing corrosion by changing the top layer of the metal chemically. Our technology gives you the possibility to treat the metal itself, with the simplicity of application like a coating.

Solutions we provide for our clients:

Confined spaces: Ballast tanks, DB/WT, voids and peaks

For areas that are difficult to access, we developed Corrosion Passivator – Fluid. No blasting or chipping is required and 100% coverage can be achieved because Fluid can be applied by floating, in addition to brushing, rolling or spraying.


Blasting or sanding pipes is difficult and time consuming and can be prohibited because of specific cargo or regulations. With Corrosion Passivator, corroded pipes and pipe supports can be treated direct-over-rust with long lasting results.

PROJECTS: Stolt-Nielsen & Tata Steel Ijmuiden

Cargo- and Product tanks

We have developed systems specifically designed to protect cargo holds, capable of withstanding chemical loads and meeting food and feed grade standards.

Steel structures and welds

In challenging marine and industrial environments, our products offer durable touch-up solutions and top coatings capable of withstanding chemical loads and temperatures of up to 1300 degrees.

PROJECTS: Fugro Marine Services

Reduce operational costs and lower your environmental footprint

No sanding or blasting required

Corrosion Passivator can be applied direct-over-rust, effectively preventing the need for time-consuming and costly sanding or blasting procedures.

Stop corrosion chemically

Our Corrosion Passivator particles form electron pairs with the metal, preventing further oxide bonds and thus stopping the corrosion process for up to 25 years, even in salt water.

Chemical bonding

Our products bind chemically to the surface through a sol-gel technique, creating a molecular-level bond. This connection is robust and requires less surface preparation, compared to traditional coatings.


Not a coating but a metal treatment

While the application process may resemble that of traditional coatings, Corrosion Passivator technology goes a step further by fundamentally altering the metal itself, effectively preventing corrosion for up to 25 years. Unlike traditional coatings, that merely shield metal from corrosive influences by forming a barrier, Corrosion Passivator makes the metal itself immune to corrosion.

How it works

nC Corrosion Passivator is a technique in which particles form an electron pair with the metal, disrupting the bond between metal and oxygen (Fe2O3), commonly known as corrosion. This effectively halts the active corrosion process.

The connection is established through a sol-gel technique, intervening at the molecular level. The technique is applicable to both corroded and blasted metal surfaces and can be easily applied through brushing, rolling, spraying or by floating.


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