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Any form of energy extraction and generation is subject to corrosion or wear and tear. The surface treatments of nC are based on the new generation techniques of corrosion passivation, thermal insulation and surface protection. Protect your installations for the long term, with sustainability, safety for people and planet and cost-effectiveness as your guiding principles. In the process, nC products also improve the economic performance, sometimes even the output, of your property. Choose an application and view the various project reports. Learn how your business or facility can benefit.

Corrosion passivation

Corrosion is a well-known issue for energy companies. Maintenance is downtime. The nC Corrosion Passivators are a proven product line with known performance, which regardless of wet or dry surface couples strong corrosion protection to fast application and short drying times with very long life.

Thermal insulation

Designed for the 21st century, the range of sprayable nC Protherm coatings offers a number of forms of insulation as well as protection. A scalable combination of opportunities in cost savings, emissions reduction and safety. nC ProTherm coatings are easy to apply, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Protective sealants

Energy extraction and generation continues uninterrupted. Material is heavily loaded. nC’s protective and sealing surface treatments help your equipment withstand various heavy loads. There is much that can be done to save costs and to produce, generate or store energy in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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  • 22 August 2022

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    nC Nano Corrosion Passivator

    Published in the Shipping Gazette, 2017 "Can you develop a technique that stops corrosion without sandblasting or coating?" Thus, in 2012, from the maritime sector, this assignment was formulated and project leader Rob van [...]

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