About us

Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to protect your assets, while minimizing environmental impact. We achieve this with a future-oriented product portfolio in the field of surface treatments and coatings, with a specific focus on corrosion protection and thermal insulation.

At nC Surface Technology, we specialize in providing next generation corrosion protection solutions and innovative sprayable thermal and fireproof insulating coatings for a wide range of industries. With a strong foundation built on more than two decades of experience, we have emerged as a reliable partner in offering sustainable and effective solutions to combat corrosion, save energy and improve safety.

20 years of research and development

With over two decades of expertise within the maritime sector, we have successfully crafted solutions in corrosion protection, thermal insulation, and fireproofing. Our products not only enhance the durability of ships, machinery, and structures worldwide but also elevate conventional procedures, benefiting both individuals and the environment.

Sustainability is in our DNA

In a world where resources are finite, it is our duty to sustainably extend the life of our assets as much as possible.


In a world where resources are limited and we want to ensure a livable planet for future generations, it’s our responsibility to make our assets last longer in sustainable ways.

With our years of experience in surface technology, we’ve developed many solutions to reduce energy and material waste, and improve common processes for people and the environment.

No sanding or blasting

With our Corrosion Passivator technologies, we can build protective systems directly over corroded metal, preventing blasting waste and saving energy while protecting people from blasting dust.

Save energy in energy intensive industries

Extensive years of research and development, with the integration of aerogel insulation technology and our chemically bonding coating systems, have culminated in the creation of a next-generation insulation solution, tailored for industrial and marine environments. nC ProTherm enables insulation of surfaces that were previously unattainable with other materials, making a significant contribution to the global energy transition.

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